How to Make Your Microphone Sound Professional in OBS

Using the gear icon near Audio Input Capture in the Mixer, we’re going to create another Filter. In the Filters window, use the eye icon 👁️ next to Noise Gate to temporarily disable the filter. Return to OBS’s main window and take a look at your Mixer window. Observe the volume meter of your Audio Input Capture. Without talking, without typing, just watch that green bar’s natural bounce for about 10 seconds.

  • There are so many good headsets on the market that we have a hard time picking out only our favorites.
  • This will only take a few minutes so you can return back to the call without the duration being too long.
  • Despite the Princeton team’s printing difficulties, they were able to have successful test printing runs.

This headset also features active noise cancelling , making it a standout option for people playing games in louder environments or shared living spaces, as well as on the go. To complement this, you can adjust the microphone’s noise gate using the app. It sports a wide array of connectivity options including wired and wireless USB options, a 3.5mm cable, and Bluetooth 5.2.

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The design allows all control dials to be alongside each other, unlike on the Blue Yeti, which finds its dials distributed along its front and back. The GV60’s dials, which are all front and center, include a single knob to adjust between polar patterns and two knobs for headphone and microphone volume, respectively. For instance, when recording videos, you don’t have to remux them afterward to be compatible in your editing software – StreamLabs automatically converts them to a mov or MP4 format.

Discord is the go-to voice chat app for millions of users, but some users have been dealing with issues on the platform. If you’ve used Discord at any point, you’ve probably noticed that the platform isn’t perfect. Discord not working is a common occurrence for many users, and there are a variety of issues that might plague your experience. If you depend on the platform for any reason — whether that’s casual gaming or getting schoolwork done — this might be a serious issue. For some reason, it seems discord does not contribute to the problem , and I can still be in a discord call without the mic volume dropping. Unfortunately, Discord determines and identifies the microphone sensitivity by itself.


Go to “Recording”, right-click on the computer’s sound device. You can view the video below for instructions or review a copy of the video transcript. We’ve checked our picks for accuracy and product availability. However, there hasn’t been a change in our recommendations.

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Different mics will have different output levels when exposed to the same sound source. Different mics have different levels of mic sensitivity. All audio data should be transmitted seamlessly and without problems.